Hello, World! (Again)

June 1, 2021

We’re excited to announce the (re)launch of RunLevel6!

In 2015, I had the vision to help New Zealand businesses grow with world-class marketing services while minimising their overheads and risk. RunLevel6 was born.

It wasn’t long before I had a handful of clients who have remained with me to this day.

But alas, RunLevel6 remained a side-hustle. I was lured by senior marketing roles in awesome SaaS companies where I was able to learn a lot and help these businesses scale.

RunLevel6 took a back-seat as I focused my attention on my full-time roles, and stretched myself beyond marketing into areas such as SaaS sales enablement, customer success, and digital transformation.

In 2020, I married my wonderful wife and we relocated to the beautiful Bay of Plenty from Auckland (continuing to work remotely).

It’s no secret to my friends and family that I’ve always wanted to be a full-time entrepreneur (I even set up an office at my Grandma’s house at age 7), and the desire to return to my own business never left me.

Now the timing feels right to give my full attention to RunLevel6 and double-down on our revised mission - partner with SaaS businesses to accelerate growth through effective marketing, sales, customer experiences, and digital transformation.

You can learn more about us here.

As with any new(ish) business, word of mouth is hugely powerful in gaining momentum. If you or anyone you know needs any help with their marketing, sales, customer service (or anything digital), we’d be grateful if you could pass on our details.

Thanks for reading. If you want to keep up with RunLevel6 and the latest SaaS growth insights, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date.

Catch you soon,

Matt Palmer

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